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How Fixfinity Works

Fixfinity is a free online listing service that makes requesting estimates from local auto body & auto glass repair shops effortless and transparent. The general steps for navigating the site are listed on the right.


Fixfinity aggregates content and links directly to reputable online resources (DCA-BAR, BBB, Diamond Certified, Yelp, etc.) from one centralized location. By consolidating this information, shops maximize their brand awareness, and facilitates consumer research with minimum effort.  Whether you're paying out-of-pocket or through an insurance claim, our goal is to provide the right tools to make an informed decision on where to repair your vehicle.  By empowering consumers and simplifying the first point of contact where customers interact with shops online, fixfinity seeks to promote awareness while creating a mutually beneficial competitive environment.


The following is an overview some of the key interactive features fixfinity has to offer.  They include links to other online resources, rating and reviews, current promotions, recent estimates, before and after photos, filtering by insurance affiliations, and sharing using various social networks (Like, Google+).


sample search result page Shop Details


·         Customer can request estimates from any shop within their search radius preference (up to 8 miles)

·         Both customer and shop can request/provide multiple estimates per request

·         Customer may filter shop listing by insurance company affiliation

·         Customer and shop can correspond by sending comments (w/photo) as needed

·         Receive email notifications of each comment and estimate response/completion

·         Customer may expand their shop selection to request additional estimates at any time

·         Estimate request details (vehicle information, photos, etc.) can be edited/updated as necessary

·         Customer defines their preferred method of contact (email, phone) to schedule an appointment

·         Customer can provide star rating and review of shop’s estimate and/or repair work

·         Shops may respond to reviews to address customer's concerns

·         Customers can share their general experience of each shop by using Facebook Like and Google Plus social networks


Shops with member accounts are automatically notified of all estimate requests within the customer's search radius selection (unless de-selected by customer).