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San Jose Auto Body Repair

Got dent? Get your auto body repair estimates online, for FREE!


Find any licensed auto body repair facility in your local area by clicking the Home or Service Area tabs.



You’ve done the hard part of finding us, now let find the shops for you.


Begin by selecting your preferred shops from which to solicit estimates from.  Then sign in and upload your photos of the damaged vehicle.  From here, does the rest.  Each shop is notified and invited to provide estimates, for FREE.  You are then emailed automatically after each estimate is completed.  Having this information will help determine your next step, whether that is to initiate a claim, pay out-of-pocket, or do nothing.  The bottom line is you’ve eliminated the guess work from the equation without the hassle of driving around for multiple estimates.


As fellow consumers, we want to provide you with options.  There are no hidden deals or referral commissions.  Much like your photos, what you see is what you get, and hope you find the experience transparent and user-friendly.  From first-hand experience we know that having an accident is frustrating enough, so let help answer the first two questions that often comes to mind after a fender bender.  Where should I take my car and how much will it cost?

san jose auto body repair


Welcome to, your online solution for estimates.


To fixfinity, and beyond!